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Warnham Address
School Hill
Date & Place of Birth
7th June 1892 Horsham

Royal Navy, HMS Victory I RN Barracks
Ldg. Cook's Mate
Regimental No(s)
Service Record

D.S.M. , 1914 Star, Victory Medal, British War Medal

Parish magazine, absent voters Oct 1918, medal record, WSCT

Known as Tom
Working in Worth 1911

Married Amelia Eugenie Stanford 2nd Sept 1917
Received DSM from Vice-Admiral of the Dover Patrol on 21st Oct 1917

From Sue Overton ...

"Somewhere in France" a hospital was set on fire and the whole building was being rapidly demolished. In the upper rooms three wounded men were in danger. There was no time to be lost. A stone attached to a rope-ladder was thrown into the window and Tom Yates at once went up to the rescue. One man was able to come down by himself. Tom brought down the second and went back for the third. The position was now critical, and a further crash unnerved the patient so that the rescue was a matter of extreme danger and difficulty; but it was accomplished, and we hear that Tom Yates has been awarded the DSM. It is a simple story of a brave deed. We are very proud of the men who have gone from amongst us and congratulate Tom and his friends upon the honour that he has won for himself and his village.

I don’t know why Tom Yates was not on his ship at the time, unless he was convalescing at the hospital. Incidentally he named his eldest daughter ‘Malo’ after his ship. You probably know that Tom Yates was Amy Andrews’ father – Rachel is going to see Amy as part of her job to get some first-hand knowledge, so I expect she will hear this story, and maybe a few more, though Amy was not born until 1930. Tom worked for the Gregsons of Ends Place and they lived at Newman’s Cottage. In 1933 he became the caretaker at the old village hall and he kept this job for 27 years and lived in accommodation there. He was an expert gardener and great supporter of the Flower Show and I gathered this information when I was researching for my book.